The template and the sound of time

Posted by Victoria Generao
all credits go to Juliet Carter and The Template and The Sound of Time: Worldbridger Phi-sonic Resonance is a profound and beautiful soundscape composed in 3 movements at frequencies of the Solar Om (136.10 Hz), the Infinite Eight (8 Hz) and the Galactic Om (172.06 Hz) It comprises a DVD with motion graphics of the Stellar, Gaia and Solar vortex geometry used to reconnect biocircuitry in the Template's 6th ceremony. In addition to the Worldbridger Phi-sonic soundscape which temporarily reconnects the 6th Circuit, the DVD contains 4 inspirational and informative sections written and voiced by Juliet Carter, accompanied by sound and images, a CD for use in healing and as a daily meditation, and an informative booklet. To experience the full effect of the Worldbriger Phi-sonic Resonance, please get the DVD! It requires high definition and a good sound system to experience the range of frequencies.
Posted May 3, 2017
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