The Power of Etymology: Using Grammar to Cast Spells and the Secrets of Spelling

Posted by Victoria Generao
You're a magician and you didn't even know it! You went to grammar school and were taught how to cast spells on your fellow man and yourself! GRAMMAR is GRIMORIA is a CHARM or HEX using SEX. You have been learning how to cast spells and hex other people by learning how to rearrange words and place them in specific orders. THERE ARE ENTIRE ASPECTS TO LANGUAGE OF WHICH WE ARE NOT EVEN AWARE! ******************************************************************** BOOKS MUSIC ******************************************************************** FACEBOOK ******************************************************************** For SKYPE Sessions: Email me at Or message me on Facebook (Billy Heart-Being) ******************************************************************** DONATE THROUGH PAYPAL DONATE THROUGH YOUTUBE: 1. Click on my homepage: 2. Click the blue Support button on the right. 3. Donate. Thank you!
Posted August 21, 2016
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