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Posted by Victoria Generao
►please sub http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=relaxriverofficial "Deep Meditation Music" - Chakra Music Healing to Balance Your Mind, Body and Soul === AN ADVICE FOR YOU === Relax River in partnership with Rehegoo presents "Chakra Healing Music ~ Relaxing Music for your Chakra Meditation" a FREE APP for iPhone and iPad that can help you in your meditation sessions. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chakra-healing-music-relaxing/id903025669 To live a well-balanced life, you must find an equilibrium between the 7 chakras. When one Chakra is not working properly, there is an unbalance in both your body and spirit. Specific notes and sounds can be used to help you find the balance you so much desire. Chakra Balancing Music (Relaxing Music for your Chakra Meditation) features 7 unique compositions, each one of which was devised for a specific chakra. Play the song related to that chakra by gently tapping the colored button to it related, and begin your meditation! Chakra Balancing Music includes: - 7 unique HIGH QUALITY songs, created for each Chakra. - High definition graphics created for retina devices. - Facebook and Twitter share buttons to let everyone know you are meditating with us. - A Sounds of Nature pack, which allows you to play relaxing sounds of nature. - A Meditation Timer, that allows you to set a timer for your meditation to control how long you each song will play. Donwnload your app NOW and start meditating directly on your smartphone and tablet: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chakra-healing-music-relaxing/id903025669 ========================= Do you know that when your chakras are aligned your body and soul are in a perfect balance? You can our music to balance your chakras and find the peace of mind along with a deep body relaxation. Chakras are seven: 1 Root Chakra (Base of spine) - The feeling of being grounded 2. Sacral Chakra (Lower abdomen) - Acceptations of others and new experiences 3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Upper abdomen/stomach) - Be confident 4. Heart Chakra (Center of chest) - Ability to love 5. Throat Chakra (Throat) - Controls communication ability 6. Third Eye Chakra (In the forehead) - Focus and concentration 7. Crown Chakra (Top of the head) - Controls the spiritual connections Relaxriver provides you music for relaxation, study and meditation. We are a collective of musicians who compose calming music for passion, everyday. We hope that what we like is exactly what you like: using music to free our minds, reach a state of peaceful joy and soothingness. With our relaxing music you can afford mental and physical relief, motivate yourself, sleep better, chill, free yourself from fears and anxiety, and restore selfconfidence. Relaxriver: your daily stream of wellness. Are you feeling comfy now? You can find us also on twitter: http://twitter.com/relax_river
Posted January 12, 2016
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